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Date Media
February 7 Letter to the Education Committees on the A-F Bill (pdf)
November 8 Letter to the Office of the Student Achievement Council (pdf)
October 15 Joint SBE & PESB Report (pdf)
September 26 Resolution Encouraging Districts to Reevaluate the Use of Native American Mascots (pdf)
August 27 Response to August 23 Seattle Times Column: "Shorter School Year Shortchanges Students (pdf)
August 7 Letter to Representative Maxwell in support of the Quality Education Council's work (pdf)
July 12 Achievement and Accountability Workgroup Charter (pdf)
July 12 Accountability Resolution (pdf)
February 23 Resolution Supporting the ESEA Waiver (pdf)
December 1 Overview of the Board (pdf)
December 1 2012 SBE Legislative Priorities and Initiatives (pdf)
November 2 Is Washington State Ready to Seek a Waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act? (pdf)
September 29 Sample Credit Policy (pdf)
January 24 Sample Student Schedules (pdf)
November 22 Turning Around Lowest-Achieving Schools (pdf)
October 26 Helping Students Navigate the Path to College (pdf)
October 18 SBE and Professional Educator Standards Board 3rd Biennial Joint Report (pdf)
August 28 Effect of Proposed Changes on Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum (pdf)
June 1 States' Definitions of a Credit (pdf)
April 22 Core 24 Implementation Task Force Final Report to the Washington State Board of Education (pdf)
April 1 Draft Accountability Report, April 2010 (pdf)
February 16 2010 Accountability System - Accountability Index Final Report (pdf)
February 15 Background Paper on System Performance Accountability (pdf)
August 28 Board's Recommendations to OSPI on Science Curricular Menu Offerings (pdf)
May 16 Washington Public Schools - A New Roadmap: The Good News with Education Reform (pdf)
January 24 Examples of classes following a Core 24 schedule (pdf)
January 15 Final Accountability Resolution Approved by the State Board of Education
January 15, 2009 (pdf)
October 28 Implications of End of Course Assessments in science (pdf)
October 25 National Picture of State Intervention Authority for Struggling Schools (pdf)
January 1 The Role of Statewide End-of-Course Assessments in
High School Assessment Systems - Report (pdf)
September 28 Resolution Calling for Districts to Evaluate Policies Regarding use of Derogatory or Biased Symbols and Names (pdf)