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The State Board of Education has the authority to creates rules for public and approved private schools in Washington state. Rules developed by SBE can be found in Title 180 WAC.

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Current Rulemaking Activity:

Graduation Requirements (WAC 180-51)

**Learn more about the Emergency Waiver Program (adopted April 8). Available after COVID-19 school building closures.

Implements recent legislation and makes other changes to graduation pathway options, the High School and Beyond Plan, and credit requirements. 

Anticipated next step and date: Board has adopted final rule at its November 2019 meeting and the rule will be codified in January 2020 within WAC 180-51.

Waivers (WAC 180-18)

Implements recent legislation and makes other changes to align to current policy or practice for 180-day school year waivers, waivers from credit-based graduation requirements, and waivers from offering career technical education course equivalences.

Anticipated next step and date: Public hearing will be held from 2-2:30 pm on Friday, December 13 in the Brouillet Room on the fourth floor of the Old Capitol, 600 Washington Street SE, Olympia, WA 98504. Then, the Board will consider adoption of final rules at its January 2020 meeting.

For a historical record of rulemaking by the State Board of Education, please visit the Washington State Register.


Your input is valuable to the board as they consider these rules. Please submit written comment on rules to the addresses below within the official timeline for receiving comment. Please provide verbal comment at the scheduled public hearing time. Details on the official timelines and public hearing locations can be found in the CR-102 documents linked above.


Mail: 600 Washington Street SE, P.O. Box 47206, Olympia, WA 98504

If you have specific questions about the information on this page, please contact the SBE Rules Coordinator:

Parker Teed, 360.725.6047