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July 14-15 Meeting Recap

SBE held its Board meeting July 14-15, and discussed emergency waiver program and instructional hours rules, graduation pathway options research, legislative priorities, basic education, a student panel with the Root of our Youth, and more. You can find documents from the meeting on SBE’s Simbli page, and links to recordings (streamed by TVW) on SBE’s meetings page.

June Work Session Recap

On June 17, 2020, the State Board of Education held a work session to discuss the long-term impacts of COVID-19 school building closures, related disruptions to learning, and the challenges with reopening schools during the ongoing public health crisis. Board members discussed policy options to support schools in reopening and to facilitate serving students in a more equitable and effective way. The discussion helped identify the top priority policy options for staff to develop into proposals for Board consideration at the July meeting. 

Session Recap: January

Find the latest blog post re: 2020 Legislative Session on the SBE blog.


Current rulemaking activity  |  General rulemaking FAQ  |  Feedback

The State Board of Education has the authority to creates rules for public and approved private schools in Washington state. Rules developed by SBE can be found in Title 180 WAC.

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Current Rulemaking Activity/Rulemaking Docket:

SBE is staff is currently working on this page. You can find the status of SBE rulemaking on the SBE Rulemaking Docket page. The Current Rulemaking Docket was last updated October 2021. You may examine SBE rulemaking publications in the Washington State Register (WSR) on the Legislature's website.

Recent filings: 

  • CR-101 (preproposal of inquiry) for Chapter180-90 and 180-08 WAC that will publish as WSR regarding private schools and regarding practice, procedure, and access to public records. 
  • CR-103E (emergency rulemaking) for Chapter 180-90 WAC that will publish as WSR 21-20-027 regarding private schools.
  • CR-101 (preproposal statement of inquiry) for Chapter180-51 WAC published as WSR 21-03-093 regarding high school graduation requirements.
  • CR-103P (permanent rulemaking order) for Chapter 180-111 WAC published as WSR 21-16-045 regarding the emergency waiver program in response to COVID-19. 
  • CR-101 (preproposal statement of inquiry) for Chapter 180-90 WAC published as WSR 20-12-020 regarding private schools. 
  • CR-103 (permanent rulemaking order) for Chapter 180-16 WAC published as WSR 21-16-044 regarding state support of public schools.

If you'd like an Office of the Code Reviser certified copy (PDF) of the documents above, please contact us.

Statutes and Rules

Statutes, Rules and Court Decisions

The rules of the State Board of Education are outlined in WAC 180. Governance of the Board is laid out in RCW 28A.305 and RCW 28A.657.