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January 10, Issue 1 - Pre-Meeting information, Social Studies webinar recap
January 17, Issue 2 - Board Meeting recap, Social Studies FAQ
January 24, Issue 3 - Student migrant bilingual experience, 1599 Fact or Fiction
February 3, Issue 4 - Legislative session update, two new Board Members swear in
February 10, Issue 5 - Highlight bills, High School and Beyond Plan resources, Save the Date for the Forum


Date/Issue Date/Issue Date/Issue
December 20, Issue 18 - Recap on Graduation Requirements Webinar, Mastery – Based Learning Report, Washington College Grant October 18, Issue 10 - Mental Health Resources with Student Leaders, Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) Seeks Student Stories for Publication, (Sept 9/10) Community Forum in Yakima Feedback August 23, Issue 2 - High School and Beyond Plan, Rule – Making Graduation Requirements, Board Elections
December 13, Issue 17 - Bremerton Community Forum on Graduation Pathways, Social Studies Graduation Requirements Lunch Webinar October 11, Issue 9 - Recap of (Sept 9/10) Community Forum in Yakima, Webinar Q&A New Graduation Requirement Rules, School Program Statistics in Schools August 16, Issue 1 - Changes in Law to Graduation, Looking Beyond at Various Barriers and Viewpoints in Education
December 6, Issue 16 - Social Studies Graduation Requirements Lunch, SBE 2020 Legislative Priorities, Strategic Plan Update, STEM Education Deep Dive October 4, Issue 8 - Board Member Elections, Proposed Rules for High School Graduation Requirements, High School Beyond Plan 101  
November 22, Issue 15 - New Graduation Requirements, Farewell to Two Board Members September 27, Issue 7 - Resolution to Support Chronic Absenteeism and Trauma Supports, Fact Sheet Now Available in Somali, PESB Funds Bilingual Teacher Academy  
November 15, Issue 14 - New Graduation Requirements, #PlanYourPathWA Video Contest Winner Ethan Berkey September 20, Issue 6 - Board Update Bylaws So Student Board Members can offer an Advisory Vote, School Board Candidate Guide, Graphic Representation of 100 Students & 100 Teachers, Civic Engagement Champion   
November 8, Issue 13 - New Graduation Requirement Rules Adopted, Bremerton Board Meeting (Nov 6 – 7), 2019 NAEP Score Release, Staffing Enrichment Work Group September 13, Issue 5 - Yakama Nation Tribal School, (Sept 9/10 Yakima Board Meeting Recap), State Assessment Score Break Down, Student Leaders Mental Health Initiatives  
November 1, Issue 12 - Board Meeting in Bremerton (Nov 6 – 7), Welcome to New Board Members, Issaquah Video Highlights High School and Beyond - 24 Credit Requirements September 6, Issue 4 - Student Leaders Stories for Mental Health Initiatives, Graduation Requirement Webinar  
October 25, Issue 11 - Rulemaking Process Diagram, (Sept 9/10) Community Forum in Yakima Feedback August 30, Issue 3 - Changes in Law to Graduation Requirements Webinar, Former State Board Member Receives National Service Award  

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