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The State Board of Education has the authority to creates rules for public and approved private schools in Washington state. Rules developed by SBE can be found in Title 180 WAC.

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Current Rulemaking Activity

Rule-making on Graduation Requirements

September 18, 2019: The State Board of Education files proposed rules  (links coming soon).

September 12, 2019: The State Board of Education approved proposed rules. (See more about this process below in the August 22 update.)

August 22, 2019: The State Board of Education submitted a CR-101 (June 4, 2019) to make changes as necessary to align rule to current policy or practice, correct references to law, implement recently passed legislation, improve readability of the rule, or make other changes identified during the review of Chapter 180-51 WAC (High School Graduation Requirements).

(This includes implementation for provisions of ESHB 2224 (Chapter 31, Laws of 2017), SHB 2686 (Chapter 229, Laws of 2018), SSHB 1896 (Chapter 127, Laws of 2018), and E2SHB 1599 (Chapter 252, Laws of 2019). E2SHB 1599 (Chapter 252, Laws of 2019) grants the State Board of Education rule-making authorities.)

As was shared at the July Board meeting: this is an additional, early, informal phase in this rule-making process, expressly for the purpose of getting feedback from our partners early in the process (so that the field has direction as early in the upcoming school year as possible). The Board intends to formally approve proposed rule language at the September Board meeting (September 12). SBE will then file the CR-102 after that meeting, continue soliciting input, hold a public hearing, and present to the Board for final adoption at the November Board meeting.

A public hearing will be held later this fall.

Legislation enacted in recent years requires amendments to existing rules on high school graduation requirements as well as the creation of new rules. SBE is restructuring Chapter 180-51 WAC to align with current statute and provide greater clarity, with:

  • amended general provisions (WAC 180-51-001 through WAC 180-51-115)
  • a new introductory section for students starting with the Class of 2020
  • a new section on credit graduation requirements (the graduation subject and credit requirements have not fundamentally changed, except to be updated as needed for recent legislation.)
  • a new section on HSBP graduation requirements
  • a new section on the new graduation pathway options.

In creating these draft rules, SBE consulted with and received feedback from numerous districts, education associations, and other partner organizations, as well as individual educators and parents.

Background Information and Resources:


DRAFT Amended Chapter 180-51 WAC (WAC 180-51-001 through WAC 180-51-115)

DRAFT New Section WAC 180-51-201 Overview of the requirements for a high school diploma beginning in 2020

DRAFT New Section WAC 180-51-210 State subject and credit requirements for high school graduation

DRAFT New Section WAC 180-51-220 High School and Beyond Plan

DRAFT New Section WAC 180-51-230 Graduation Pathway Options, which the Board discussed for approximately three hours during SBE’s July 10-11 meeting and “green-ligted” to signal the direction the agency is going with the rule content. 

WSR 19-12-098 (Preproposal Statement of Inquiry)*

To provide an opportunity for feedback on the draft rules, SBE is holding a webinar on changes to graduation requirements: Tuesday, August 27th, 1:00-4:00pm. The purpose is for SBE staff to provide an overview of the draft rule language and for educators, students, parents, and partners to ask questions and provide comments. Note: this is NOT the formal public hearing that SBE will conduct after the Board approves proposed rules (likely at the September meeting). You may also send feedback via email to Alissa Muller, or by phone: 360-725-6501.


Rule-making to update the Required Action District Process

February 1, 2019: The State Board of Education submitted a CR-102 (WSR 19-04-073) to repeal obsolete rules, amend or repeal rules inconsistent with board policy, update rules to be compatible with new circumstances and policy issues, and make necessary technical corrections in Chapter 180-17 WAC. The State Board of Education has determined that current rule in Chapter 180-17 prevents the SBE and OSPI from making changes to improve the required action process. The SBE and OSPI are engaged in a collaborative effort to improve the required action process and these rule changes will reflect the outcomes of that collaboration.

A public hearing will be held on March 13 at 4:30 p.m. at South Puget Sound Community College, Lacey Campus, Room 194, 4220 6th Ave SE, Lacey, WA 98503.

The key changes in the proposed rules are outlined as follows:

  • Updated the language to be consistent with the current state and federal accountability framework.
  • Removed most specific review dates from current rule that do not line up with the board meeting schedule and create an overly rigid structure. The specified dates that remain are those determined in statute. The statute also includes specific review timelines that are included in the draft rule.
  • Removed outdated SIG references.
  • Added definitions section (referencing other WAC sections where appropriate).

Documents: WSR 18-19-083 (Preproposal Statement of Inquiry)

WSR 19-04-073 (Proposal – CR-102 and School District Fiscal Impact Statement)


Recent Rule-Making Activity

Rule-making to implement provisions of House Bill 2824 

August 1, 2018: The State Board of Education submitted a CR-102 to implement provisions of Substitute HB 2824 (Chapter 177, Laws of 2018) and to make changes to rule as needed, the State Board of Education is amending WAC 180-16-195 (Basic education compliance annual reporting and review process), WAC 180-16-225 (Waiver-substantial lack of classroom space-grounds and procedure), WAC Chapter 180-18 (Waivers for restructuring purposes) and WAC Chapter 180-90 (Private schools).

Key Dates: The CR-102 will be published in the Washington State Register on August 15, 2018 and a public hearing will occur on September 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm at the Brouillet Room in the Old Capitol Building at 600 Washington Street SW, Olympia, WA 98504. Final rule adoption will be considered at the November 7 and 8 board meeting.

Documents: WSR 18-11-097 (Preproposal Statement of Inquiry), CR-102 (Proposed Rules and School District Fiscal Impact Statement), Proposed changes to Chapter 180-18 WAC, Chapter 180-90 WAC, WAC 180-16-195, and WAC 180-16-225

WSR 18-24-090 (Final Rules - CR-103)


Rule-making to align performance improvement goals to Washington Every Student Succeeds Act State Accountability Plan 

2018: The State Board of Education submitted a CR-103 to make various amendments to Chapter 180-105 WAC (Performance Improvement Goals) to align performance improvement goals to long-term goals described in the Washington Every Student Succeeds Act State Accountability Plan. The proposed amendments also make certain technical corrections to this chapter.

Key Dates: The Board will hold a public hearing at 11:45 a.m. on July 11, 2018 at ESD 101, Conference Center, 4202 S Regal St, Spokane, WA.

Documents: WSR 18-11-108 (Proposed Rules)

Fiscal Impact Statement*

WSR 18-22-024 (Final Rules - CR-103)


Expedited rule-making to implement provisions of House Bill 2824 that are effective 90 days after session 

2018: Rule change was adopted after submittal of a CR-105 for expedited rule-making to implement provisions of Substitute House Bill 2824 (Chapter 177, Laws of 2018) that are effective 90 days after the end of the 2018 legislative session. The rule-making resulted in repeal of WAC Chapter 180-22 to eliminate the Board’s role in establishing Educational Service District Boundaries and an amendment to WAC 180-18-100 that transfers the administration to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of district waivers from the requirement for student access to Career and Technical Education course equivalencies.

Key Dates: The rule change was adopted on July 3, 2018 under the expedited rule-making process.

Documents: WSR 18-10-100 (Expedited Rules)

WSR 18-23-012 (Final Rules – CR-103)


*Documents will be posted when they are published on the Code Reviser website.



Your input is valuable to the board as they consider these rules. Please contact us with your comments and questions:


Phone: 360.725.6025

Mail: 600 Washington Street SE, P.O. Box 47206, Olympia, WA 98504

Rules Coordinator

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