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EDS Access

Staff Contact

If your staff does not yet have EDS access to complete a necessary report or to fulfill other needs as described in the following user role table, please have the Head of School email with the EDS account email address of the intended user, the requested user role, the full name of the intended user including middle name, and the birthdate of the intended user. If the intended user does not already have an EDS account, one should be created prior to sending that email by visiting the main EDS page and selecting the “create an account” tab.

The following are the roles that can be provided to private school users in EDS:

EDS User Role: EDS Applications you have access to:
Attendance and Weapons Private User Behavior and Weapons
Free Lunch User Direct Certification
Honors Award User Honors Award Nomination
iGrants User iGrants
Private School Head/Private School Adminstrator Private Participation in Federal Programs
Private School Representative P105B
  Private Participation in Federal Programs
  Direct Certification
Fingerprint User  
Fingerprint Resubmit Communication  


If you need access with the role of Fingerprint User or Fingerprint Resubmit Communication to access the E-Certification application, then please email OSPI staff member and follow the directions at the top of this page for the content of that email.

If you need to merge existing EDS accounts, please contact and cc


If you need to change the name of your school, please email