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Procedures Manual

State Board of Education Procedures Manual

(Board Member Resource Guide)

Complete Resource Guide:

2020 Member Packet

Board Overview:

Board Mission and Vision

Overview of the State Board of Education

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

Board Meeting Preview Videos

Statutes and Rules:

Bylaws of the State Board of Education

Board Norms

SBE Statutory Responsibilities Chart

Common School Provisions - RCW 28A

State Board of Education - WAC 180

Election of Board Members - WAC 392.109

Member Compensation - RCW 43.03.250(2) and (3), RCW 28A.305.011(5)

Board Membership:

Board Membership Overview

Governor's Boards/Commissions Handbook

Being an Effective Board Member

Legislative Committee Charter

Equity Committee Charter

Student Voice Committee Charter

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New Member Information Form

Personnel Questionnaire

Auto Deposit - Electronic Funds Transfer Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form


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Travel Policy for Board Meetings

Travel Policy FAQs

Future Meeting Dates

Travel Reimbursement Form

Per Diem Map


OPMA & PRA Presentation

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Email Retention FAQ

Public Disclosure Report Memo

Copy of Agency Public Disclosure Report


SBE Partnership Organizations

Budget Process

Social Media Policy

Serving on the Board

All members receive travel reimbursement when conducting official state business for the State Board of Education. A stipend is offered to eligible members for each day attending an SBE board meeting. Public employees are not eligible to receive compensation per RCW 28A.305.011, and district is not eligible to receive compensation for substitutes for educators appointed to the Board. 

Executive Committee Election Process

The Executive Committee election is held each September.

Eligibility: Only current members of the board may run for positions on the Executive Committee. Any voting board member can nominate themselves or another member.

Terms for the five positions are as follows:

  • Chair: two year term with option for a second term (limit two terms)
  • Vice-Chair: two year term with option for a second term (limit two terms)
  • Immediate Past Chair: one year following the Chair term of office if not re-elected. If the Immediate Past Chair is not available to serve, a member of the Board will be elected in her/his place and shall serve as a Member At-Large.
  • Two Members At-Large: one year term with option of second term (limit two terms)

    Members submit nominations to the board Election Coordinator before the September board meeting. The last agenda item on the first day of the September meeting is “Election of Officers for the Executive Committee” and members will vote in sequence on the open seats. All members of the Board may vote except student board members.

    Ballots will be cast, and votes will be counted, in the open seat sequence: beginning with the Chair (if applicable), Vice Chair and Members At-Large. The member elected Chair will be removed from the ballot for Vice Chair and Members At-Large if previously nominated. The successful Vice Chair will also be removed from the Member At-Large ballot if they were previously nominated.

    Per the Public Meeting Act RCW 42.30.060, ballots must be signed. SBE staff will count the ballots and the Election Coordinator announces the election results. Elections will be based on majority vote of the ballots and must constitute a majority of a voting quorum. Officers assume office at the end of the meeting at which they were elected.

    If any vote results in a tie, members will vote two additional times for that position until a nominee is elected by a majority vote. After three tied votes for an officer position, the election for that position shall be postponed until the next regularly scheduled meeting, at which time one final vote will be taken. If the final vote results in a tie, all candidate names shall be placed in a receptacle and the election for the officer position shall be decided by a blind draw of a candidate name by the Chair.

    Members can be nominated and serve on the Executive Committee if their board membership term is expected to expire before their Executive Committee position term expires. A new election will take place at the next regularly scheduled board meeting prior to the membership expiration date and the elected member will finish the remainder of the committee position term. Vacancies must be filled by the second regularly scheduled board meeting following the vacancy.

    Questions? Contact Tamara Jensen