State Board of Education
2009-2012 Key Accomplishments and Activities


Year By Statute or Assignment Self-Initiated

Initiated work towards a revised Achievement Index to meet the requirements of the ESEA flexibility waiver.

Initiated adoption of criteria for 180-day waivers.

Basic Education Compliance

Approved Biology EOC standard setting process and cut scores and the Washington Alternate Assessment System Portfolio Standard Setting and cut scores.

Produced joint report with the PESB

Coordinated the work of developing a Revised Achievement Index and statewide accountability framework.

Convened and facilitated the Achievement and Accountability Workgroup.

Revised the SBE website, including archiving of old materials into pdf for easy visitor access.

Co-authored with OSPI Washington’s waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act requirements.

Developed a user-friendly online version of the Washington Achievement Index.

Analyzed Long-term English Language Learner data.

Chair Vincent appointed as Chair of Joint Task Force on Basic Education Funding.


Identified four districts for Required Action.

Approved Mathematics EOC and MSP Science standard setting process and cut scores.

Basic Education Compliance
Coordinated with OSPI to host the Washington Achievement Awards.

Added 1 credit of English, .5 credit social studies (graduation requirement changes determined to have no fiscal impact), and increased local flexibility to state’s graduation requirements framework.

Created an extension opportunity for districts wishing to postpone the 2016 graduation requirements to 2018.

Completed a survey of middle-level career and college-ready best practices.


Obtained intervention authority through Required Action for Low Performing Schools.

Basic Education Compliance.

SBE has seat on school district reorganization committee.

SBE has seat on STEM work group.

SBE must consult with the Achievement Gap and Oversight Committee.

SBE consulted on Science EOC for Biology.

Produced joint report with the PESB.

Coordinated with OSPI to host the Washington Achievement Awards.

Acted as a catalyst to help move State Ed Reform Plan and RTTT Grant forward with review/oversight and obtaining resources for project manager.

Participated in coalition to obtain RTTT legislation to be competitive for grant.

Created new 180 day waiver process to enhance innovation.

Presented SBE Accountability Index to USED for waiver or consideration under ESEA Reauthorization.

Completed post high school transcript study (BERC

Almost completed NBCT Mobility/Incentives Study

Launched New Board Web Site.

Launched Social Media Networking.

Launched Student Video Contest.

Approved the 24 credit Career and College Ready Graduation Requirements, with the intention of moving forward with changes with no fiscal impact.


Created framework for statewide accountability.

Developed recognition program for schools with SBE accountability index.

Basic Education Compliance.

Completed Math Curriculum Review (Strategic Teaching).

Completed Science Curriculum Review (SBE Science Panel).

Completed new efficiency waiver pilot for small school

SBE has seat on QEC and Data Governance Committee (on going)

Completed High School Transcript study (BERC).

Completed policy barriers study (NW Lab).

Completed report on helping challenged schools (Mass Insight).

Participated in building coalition around HB 2261 to address basic education funding and education reform issues.

Held joint forum with PESB on teacher quality issues with NCTQ teaching quality expert.